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which class is right for me?

Yoga is accessible for almost everyone. We're happy to help you find a class that is appropriate for you. No prior experience is required. Even though each instructor has a unique style, we've included descriptions for each type of class so that you can select a style that is most suitable.

what level is right for me?

If you are experiencing yoga for the first time, we recommend attending a Level 1 class or one of our Gentle/Slow Flow classes. If your schedule doesn't accommodate one of the Level 1 times, you may attend one of the All Levels classes. These classes move at a slightly faster pace and assume some knowledge of yoga, although the instructors will provide basic instruction for all the poses.

do i need to register in advance?

Advance registration is required to reserve your spot in class.  Walk-ins will be accommodated as space permits.  To register for a class click here.

can i register online for classes and events?

Yes!  Even though we don’t require you to register for classes in advance, you may decide to sign up and pay online to save time on arrival.  We do recommend that you register in advance for events and workshops.

do i need my own mat?

We have a limited number of studio mats available for use. We provide blankets, blocks, straps, and bolsters in the studio. You're welcome to use any of the props provided. However, we highly recommend that you purchase your own mat after attending the first few classes.

what should i wear?

Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. It's best to avoid clothing that is overly baggy as it will be distracting to you and will not provide visibility for the instructors to check alignment. Yoga is practiced in bare feet - so there are no shoe requirements.

how early should i arrive?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for class. The exterior door to the building remains locked.  You must ring the intercom to enter the building.  The studio entrance is on the 2nd floor.  Once class begins, students will not be admitted so please plan to arrive early.

is yoga just stretching?

No, yoga is far more than just stretching out your muscles. As a whole, yoga is a process of stilling the mind while gaining the benefit of making the body supple and strong.

can i do yoga even if i am not flexible?

Yes. Flexibility is a benefit, not a requirement.

how do i pick a type or style of yoga?

The best way is to go to classes in the style you think you would enjoy.  (The class level will also help you determine if it’s appropriate based on your experience.)  We highly recommend you try the handful of classes with several different teachers in the style you like. Read about our class levels and styles here.

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