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About Sanctuary Yoga

sanctuary yoga studio

Even though our primary style of practice is vinyasa flow yoga, we honor the lineage of our teachers and the natural evolution of our practice.  We are home to very experienced teachers who bring the best of what they offer.

The classes at Sanctuary are intentional practices, which invite you to begin where you are and grow into the classes most suited to your personal needs. We have something for everyone - from beginners to advanced practitioners.

sanctuary yoga studio

Established in 2004, Sanctuary For Yoga is one of Nashville’s most established yoga studios. Sanctuary is home to a strong community of teachers and students.  With experience comes wisdom and strength, but also a softness in knowing who we are and how we want to show up.  We are committed to the practice of yoga as a way of connecting with each other.

What to Expect


Expect a nurturing environment with a strong sense of community.

Expect to be challenged, supported, and creatively inspired.

Expect a strong collective of individuals who enjoy the freedom of expression, exploring the edge, honoring the power of stillness, and the great teacher within.

Expect to expand your practice and your heart whether you are just beginning on this path or have been on this journey for years.

sanctuary yoga nashville
Sanctuary Yoga Studio Logo

Photography by Honor Creative and Pete Longworth

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