best yoga studios in america, fitness magazine

“This is not your typical zen den. Expect myriad flow and power yoga classes, held nearly every hour, at this beautiful, 2,200-square-foot studio” Read more→


the hot list, nashville lifestyle

“Daphne and Tom see yoga as their life’s (collective) calling, and as their own creative partnership — meaning they work as a teaching team, offering yoga to their students.”


tom’s stress-busting yoga workout for Leeann Rimes, shape magazine

“Besides helping Leann tone up, Larkin works with her on poses that combat joint stiffness and build endurance, key for her time spent traveling in a tour bus and performing.”


daphne as one of the faces of nashville, style blueprint

“Sanctuary continues to be a place known for it’s welcoming environment and full range of classes, workshops and instructor training. Daphne’s gentle yet motivating way of leading a class has much to do with why this studio is loved by so many.” Read more→


tom as entrepreneur of the month, nashville guru

“If you step into one of Tom Larkin’s classes, you can expect to not only get an amazing workout, but laugh and be entertained. One word to describe Tom is ‘hilarious,’ but another word is ‘caring.’” Read more→


daphne shares her truth in Mantra magazine

“It takes courage to be vulnerable. Four years ago, my heart cracked open in a way that made me more vulnerable than I ever allowed myself to be. I dove in through the fear and experienced the greatest love, freedom, intimacy and happiness I’ve ever known on the other side.”


great yoga around the country,
organic spa magazine

“This pretty, terra-cotta studio offers live drumming classes on Fridays, Ayurveda sessions, children’s yoga sessions, live musicians, and a dedicated community of fit and funky practitioners.”
Read more→


daphne in unite magazine

“Trust in the flow. That’s how Daphne Larkin lives her life. In 2004, she cofounded Sanctuary for Yoga, Body and Spirit and changed the landscape of Nashville yoga.”


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