300 hour advanced teacher training

advance your training, enhance your teaching and strengthen your voice

Sanctuary for Yoga’s Evolutionary Exploration 300-hour Evolutionary Exploration is the next step in your yoga teacher training. The 300-hour program continues the evolutionary journey of our 200-hour program, while elevating and heightening the foundation of your exploration, knowledge, and teaching.

open enrollment

Our program is structured with an open enrollment approach.  This means you may begin at any time. Through Core Modules and Advanced Elective Studies, you can customize and tailor your training to your individual needs or key focus.

great for experienced students

While the overall focus of the program is on teaching and deepening your capabilities, experienced students will find many of the modules a great way to deepen their personal knowledge and experience.


Already Yoga Alliance certified? Certified teachers can receive CEUs for participation in any given module or elective.


200-hour Evolutionary Exploration Teacher Training certificate from Sanctuary for Yoga, or other Yoga Alliance-Approved 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Experienced students: permission of the instructor.


The foundation of the program is comprised of 5 Core Modules. All students enrolled in the 300-hour program must complete all 5 Core Modules regardless of which track you are pursuing. The Core Modules make up 150 of the required hours in the program and are taught by Daphne Larkin and Tom Larkin.

The additional 150 contact hours are completed through Sanctuary for Yoga’s Advanced Elective Studies.  Based on your teaching style, areas of interest, specialties, and/or past experiences, you select which electives will best inspire and evolve your teaching.

The Core Modules & Electives may be completed in any order.  The 5 Core Modules are generally scheduled each year. Some Elective Modules are annual events while some may be scheduled more/less frequently.

5 core modules (all required)


advanced sequencing: the sacred architecture of a class (module 1)

The focus of this module (30 hours) will be on the evolution of a class from the carefully placed intention and the first unified breath to the stillness of savasana. We will explore the relationships between asanas and the deliberate unfolding of a sequence to a peak. During the module, we’ll use a full spectrum of asanas to create simple to complex sequences and learn techniques for skillfully guiding students through movement in all directions. Learn to add depth and dimension to your classes to take students deeper into poses and more complex asanas with ease.

Break down krama within a pose/sequence/class

Sequences that move from front to back of mat

Techniques for guiding students through complex sequences

Peak poses - understanding their purpose/function/path to the peak

Development of sequences during the module; expanding sequences in a variety of directions for different peaks within the same family

Sequences for mixed level classes

getting off the mat: advanced assisting in the flow (module 2)

Learning to flow on and off your mat as a teacher of Vinyasa yoga while maintaining the rhythm of a class is a skill. This (30 hour) module focuses on the development of skills to guide students into proper alignment and deeper into asanas through a variety of techniques.

Refine observation skills

Teaching alignment in the flow

Review of prana; the pancha vayus; integration of prana within an asana; the body as a container of prana

Advanced hands-on assists

Assisting “in the flow” of a class

Skillful assisting through verbal cues and hands on assists

Partner assists

truth: finding your authentic voice (module 3)

In this module (30 hours), teachers will explore techniques to discovering their authentic voice. Each person is unique. We bring the sum of our experiences both on and off the mat to our teaching and our own unique offering. This module also focuses on the heart-opening family of backbends as a foundation for our work during the module. We’ll build a complete experience literally from the ground up.

Explorations into our authentic selves include:

Exercises with poetry, sacred texts, images, inspiration that is meaningful to you personally

Musical exploration - developing playlists that are unique to you; an expression of your classes

Journaling and vision boards as a landscape for our class experience

Setting the tone for a class

Weaving theme into classes

vishve pranavayu shakti: the world of vital energy (module 4)

The World of Vital Energy is the unseen, but often felt through integration and manipulation of our physical body to understand the hidden powers of the subtle body. This “felt experience” is known as élan vital or vital spark and is also considered the essence of the soul. In this module we will explore this this essence through physical postures, philosophical study and first hand experience in the potent quality of pancha-vayus. As a result, we will strive to create new patterns about our internal control of and over our own élan vital.

Understanding Kundalini, the dynamic latent power

The Primary Bandha: Mulabandha, Uddiyana, Jalandara

Maha Mudra

Review of the panca-vayus

How to use the vayus to our advantage

Pranayama techniques and kriyas, including nadi cleansing/balancing

Chakra Movement Meditation

Yogic physiology

This module integrates some asana within the lectures.

The yana and katha of the devas: walk a mile in shiva’s bare feet (module 5)

In this module (30 hours), we dive deep into the journey (yana) and tales (katha) of the gods themselves. Our study is rooted in the philosophies and mythologies of the universe as seen from the yoga tradition. We will learn through exploration stories and iconography how the vision of the Paramatman (Supreme Self) is obtained by learning about the underlying correlation and dharmic connection between God’s plan and our vision of all things.

We will dive into the storied worlds of the Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana, Bhagavad-Gita, and stories of kings and sages, monkeys and gods. We will embrace the ebb and flow of verse, sometimes like a frenzied dance (tandava), as we open to a world rich in knowledge of a deeper intelligence.

This is primarily a lecture based module, but be prepared to move and experience the inner science of the verse.

Open to all students.


216 Personal Practice Hours

  • 108 Personal Practice Hours - associated to Core Modules

  • 108 Personal Practice Hours - associated to Elective Modules

100 Practice Teaching Hours

  • 50 Practice Teaching Hours - associated to Core Modules

  • 50 Practice Teaching Hours - associated to Elective Modules

Book Reports

  • 2 Books of Choice :: approx. 2 page review and comment

  • Ramayana :: 7-10 page report

  • Autobiography of a Yogi :: 7-10 page report


Core Faculty

  • Daphne Larkin, E-RYT 500 — Director of Teacher Training Founder, Sanctuary for Yoga, Body & Spirit

  • Tom Larkin, E-RYT 500 — Director of Teacher Training Founder, Sanctuary for Yoga, Body & Spirit

Guest Faculty (subject to change)

  • Sonjé Mayo, PT  --- Anatomy

  • Jessalynn Hakanson, E-RYT 500, RPYT, LMT — Pre-natal Studies

  • Melissa Eltringham, E-RYT 200 — Special Needs Studies

  • Nicki Doane - Foundations of Maya Yoga

  • James Bailey, LAc, Dipl Ayu, E-RYT500 - Ayurveda Wellness Program

  • Shannon Paige - Restorative Yoga

  • Danny Brewington - Meditation & Nidra

  • Liz Stewart - Yin Yoga

  • Simon Park - Energy and Movement


Core Modules Only (Elective Module investments vary by individual program)

Early bird: $425 per module (paid 2 weeks in advance per module start date)

Regular: $475 per module

Pay In Full for all 5 Modules - $2000 (paid before start of 1st module - $400/module)

You will have 2 years to complete the 5 core modules if you select Pay In Full

Investment for the remaining elective hours (150 hours) will be paid per module/immersion. The cost of the modules will vary based upon presenter and length of module. You may estimate to pay at minimum an additional $2000 to cover all needed electives.


No cash refunds. When applicable, refunds will be credited to your Sanctuary Account and may be used for classes, workshops, teacher trainings or boutique purchases. Registrations for all event types without payment cannot be guaranteed.Payment for all event types must be made in full on or before first session of the event, unless alternative payment options have been arranged in advance with Sanctuary for YogaNo refunds will be issued after the workshop/training begins. No refunds will be given for no-shows.

Teacher Trainings Cancellations seven (7) days or more prior to start dateTotal cost of training minus the non-refundable deposit, remaining balance will be credited to your Sanctuary Account.

Cancellations in the six (6) days prior to start dateTotal cost of training minus the non-refundable deposit plus 10% (of total training cost) Administration Fee, remaining balance will be credited to your Sanctuary Account.

Cancellations within 24 hours of start dateTotal cost of training minus the non-refundable registration fee plus 25% of total training cost will be deducted, remaining balance will be credited to your Sanctuary account.