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Lessons in Letting Go

Monday, July 09, 2007

Lately, I find myself facing a very familiar lesson again and again - letting go. I say it in nearly every yoga class, but the process of learning and integrating something into your being doesn't happen until you experience it. Learning to let go is important to clear space for what is next. It's a very natural evolution. If you can tune into the flow of your life, you will find opportunities to create, to nurture, to savor, to inspire, to celebrate and to let go. There is a tendency to hold on for many reasons, but holding on only interrupts and stagnates the flow. What is hard to remember is the new creation or incarnation that is waiting around the corner.

I have such abundance in my life. The path that my life has taken could only have happened by trusting in the flow and letting go when it's time. There is always the temptation to hold on. Sometimes it is seemingly easier to try to control things or to stay in a place that is comfortable, but it is rarely satisfying and immensely more difficult.

As I sit on a plane flying to Los Angeles - a trip I've made so many times before - I am again at the edge of letting go. We have an amazing opportunity to assist our teacher and immerse ourselves in the study of yoga. Reconnect with friends. Expand our community. Renew. The coming weeks are ripe with potential, but I have to be open. Leaving our studio and the incredible community for a few weeks, clearing some space for myself - there is resistance.

And here I am again in the full flow of my life. Staying present and trusting.

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