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LA with Shiva Rea : Good Times

Thursday, July 26, 2007

It has been almost three weeks since Daphne and I came out to LA to assist our teacher Shiva, and an amazing time it has been. We were pleasantly surprised to run into some old friends we were not expecting to see and have made many new ones. Several paths finally crossed with fellow assistants we have been trying to meet for the last six odd years and we still don't know how that happened.

We couldn't have asked for better weather, but it's LA, can you say sunshine, sunshine, sunshine.....? Both of us have managed to get sunburned during our daily outdoor teaching sessions. Mine was pretty bad, guess I should have put some sunscreen on. And yes, we are not stuck in a studio the whole time. Because Exhale still has to have classes, Shiva finds other locations for us to continue our learning process. Since free public spaces work really well, off to a nice grassy knoll next to the beach we go for one or two sessions each day.

As we helped the new students learn about Wave Sequencing, I was reminded of Shiva's love of the ocean and surfing. Shiva teaches there is no better way to really feel the true current of the earth or that of your body than sitting on a surfboard in the water. The ebb and flow of the current under your body amplifies the feeling within as the fluids in your body begin to synchronize with the earths current. So just about every chance I've had, I grabbed my rented board, threw on the wet suit and headed for Sunset Beach, for some great waves. I was told we have been very lucky as the waves finally arrived from Antarctica after what many have said has been a very flat summer.

For those of you interested, my knee has been doing really well. I have had some days where I wished I hadn't worked so diligently on a pose, but have been making sure I don't over work the knee. Today I had a break-through and was able to touch my buttocks to my heels in vajrasana (sitting on my shins) without discomfort. This really helped my emotional body, as for the last few days I have been a little down. Although I am not holding on to anything about my knee, I was getting frustrated that poses I shouldn't have issues with were giving me problems. Also the intense all day long schedules don't help much either. But as I found the haze lifting from my head, I realized everything is fine if I just go with the flow and release from my expectations. This came as Shiva was helping me with King Pigeon variation 2 (from low lunge).

In my next entry I will go into more detail on my revelations........

Much Love and Peace

Om Namah Shivaya

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