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Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor Program
Taught by: James Bailey, LAc,  Dipl OM, Dipl Ayu, ERYT500
150 hours

The Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Program (AWC) is a non-clinical ayurveda wellness program that provides ayurvedic wellness assessment and management skills from the swasthavritta tradition for yoga teachers in training. The course can also be offered as Continued Education to certified yoga teachers, and to other healthcare practitioners interested in applying ayurveda in their practices.

The AWCP is unique in that it provides yoga teachers both skills in the classroom as well as a secondary revenue stream outside the classroom. Teachers can give more accurately informed advice, guided by the wisdom of yoga and ayurveda, and get paid for it. As we all know, resourceful teachers stand out above those less resourceful. Practitioners will be able to establish themselves in the community as Ayurvedic Wellness Counselors with all of the skills and capacities of any non-clinical Ayurvedic practitioner.

Skills taught include constitutional (prakriti) and conditional (vikriti) dosha assessment, pulse and tongue analysis, simple tissue analysis, ayurvedic nutritional therapy, cleanse management, functional herbology, oil therapies, lifestyle counseling, subtle therapies, ayurveda in asana practice, client rapport, ayurveda psychology, and business management.

Module 1: 60 hrs | Tues - Sun
Module 2: 60 hrs | Tues - Sun
Module 3: 30 hrs | At-home
Module 4: Study Abroad | 50 hrs | India 2-weeks (optional)

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Taught by: Jessalynn Hakanson
80 hours

Module 1 (35 hours) will address the following topics:

  • Perspectives on prenatal and postnatal yoga related to the classical teachings of yoga with an emphasis on the eight limbs, embracing the spiritual dimension of yoga as well as the physical discipline and pranayama practices
  • Human anatomy & physiology for the childbearing year
  • Energetic and physical alignment considerations for mamas in bloom specific to each trimester
  • Postures and techniques that encourage pelvic floor connection, capacity, and strength
  • Overview of potential benefits and outcomes through prenatal and postnatal yoga
  • Postures, breath work, and meditations that cultivate a nurturing source of strength and confidence while empowering the transformation in pregnancy and birth with grace

Module 2 (35 hours) will address the following topics:
  • Traditional yoga philosophy and the eight limbs applicable to lifestyle and well-being during the childbearing year
  • Observations in psychological and emotional changes during the childbearing year
  • Various methods, approaches, and models of care for the childbearing year
  • Practice and teaching methodology specific to each trimester of pregnancy and postpartum period
  • Various class formats for the beginning and/or advanced student during each trimester
  • Class options and workshop formats that could be offered during the childbearing year
  • Class formats and considerations for the “4th trimester”, postpartum, and om grown mama & baby bliss
  • The relevance of holding a supportive space for educated, empowered, and intuitive choices in pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood

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Meditation Immersion
Taught by: Danny Brewington
20 hours

In this module, students and teachers will take an extensive look at meditation, exploring the layers of the mind and consciousness itself. The course will add depth to a personal practice and demonstrate methods of incorporating it into the classroom. We’ll look at ways to stimulate brain waves and enter the deeper levels of meditation, using time-honored techniques from the masters and current developments in brain research, referencing the work of Dr. David Hawkins, Daniel Goleman, Rick Hanson, Anna Wise, and Alan Watts, to name a few. It’s a heavy subject, but we’ll have fun! Points of Focus for the weekend are:

  • Understanding the subtle dimensions of breath
  • Our senses and heightened states of awareness
  • Mantras, mudras, and other focusing tools
  • Mental and emotional blocks and how to work with them
  • Creating positive change, cultivating compassion, opening to more creativity, and healing the mind/body structure
  • Formless, subjective experience
  • Meditation and the world of quantum science

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Yin Yoga Intensive
Taught by: Liz Stewart, RYT 500
20 Hours

While the benefits of an active, dynamic yoga practice are many and considerable, especially to the muscular, "yang" tissues, Yin Yoga allows us to work deeply into the other half, the "yin" tissues of our joints and ligaments, the deep fascial networks, and even our bones. In this module, students and teachers will explore the following:

  • Yin Yoga principles and philosophy
  • Yin and the physical body
  • Yin and the energy body
  • Cultivating mindfulness in Yin Yoga
  • Yin yoga asanas, including modifications and the use of props
  • Considerations for sequencing
  • Teaching a safe and effective Yin class
  • Each day will include a 1-2 hour Yin practice
  • Opportunities for practice teaching

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