Teacher Training

300-hour evolutionary exploration

Advance your training, enhance your teaching and strengthen your voice.

Sanctuary’s 300-hour Evolutionary Exploration is the next step in your yoga teacher training. The 300-hour program continues the journey of our 200-hour Evolutionary Exploration, while elevating and heightening the foundation of your knowledge and teaching. Through Core Modules and advanced elective studies, you can customize and tailor your training to your individual needs or key focus.

Great for Experienced Students

While the overall focus of the program is on teaching and deepening your capabilities, experienced students will find many of the modules a great way to deepen their personal knowledge and experience.


Already Yoga Alliance certified? Certified teachers can receive CEUs for participation in any given module or elective.


200-hour Evolutionary Exploration Teacher Training certificate from Sanctuary for Yoga, or other Yoga Alliance-Approved 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Experienced students - permission of the instructor.

Open Enrollment

Our program is structured with open enrollment which means that you may begin at any time. The Core training modules & Electives may be completed in any order.  The 5 Core Modules are scheduled each year.  Some Elective Modules are annual events while some may be scheduled more/less frequently.


The foundation of the program is comprised of 5 Core Modules. All students enrolled in the 300-hour program must complete all 5 Core Modules regardless of which track you are pursuing. The Core Modules make up 150 of the required hours in the program and are taught by Daphne Larkin and Tom Larkin. The remaining 150 contact hours will be filled with Sanctuary’s Elective Studies selected by you according to your teaching style, areas of interest, specialties, and past experience.

Electives will be taught by Sanctuary and guest teachers, including, but not limited to James Bailey, Danny Brewington, Melissa Eltringham, Jessalynn Hakanson, Shannon Paige, Liz Stewart, and more.

300 Hour Tracks

Advanced Yogi Track
- 5 Core Modules
- Choice of Electives (min. 150 hours total)

Advanced Wellness Track
- 5 Core Modules
- AWC Program

Advanced Restorative Track
- 5 Core Modules
- Anjali Restorative Yoga
- Yin Yoga Intensive
- Pranayama Immersion
- Yoga for Special Needs

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