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Restore Your Rasa

Monday, October 15, 2012

Are you overstimulated, overworked, and stressed? If so, you might be depleting your rasa reserve.

By James Bailey, L.A.c.

Pratyahara, one of the eight limbs of ashtanga yoga as explained by Patanjali, teaches us the importance of limiting the overstimulation of our senses and nervous system. Excessive work, intense stress, overindulging habits, and sensory overload cause a gradual depletion of our rasa, which is often the root cause of disease. If not addressed, loss of rasa may result in immune deficiency, low vitality, chronic poor health, or imbalances that can reappear. Rasayana herbal therapies can address and remedy core depletion by restoring our rasa. The Sanskrit word rasayana translates as "that which enters" (ayana) into the body's reserve of vital life energy or essence (rasa). Rasa is also ... read full article here

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