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Sanctuary Vinyasa Flow is our offering of a flowing style of yoga that seamlessly moves through the poses one breath at a time. Our classes incorporate an intentional and creative blend of sun salutations and other namaskars with a full range of poses sequenced in a way that provides the foundation to cultivate inner and outer alignment, strength and flexibility, stamina and grace. Music is selected for each class that perfectly complements the flow. Join us to grow stronger, connect with your breath, and open your body, mind and heart.


A challenging and physically absorbing vinyasa series created by Sri Dharma Mittra. They reintegrate the flow of prana throughout the spinal column and facilitate the movement of the vital life force deep into all areas of the physical, metabolic, intuitive and bliss bodies. This promotes harmony within all these layers so a concentrated state of radiant health is achieved. A series of deeper balancing, stretching, back bending, twisting and inverted variations will be taught, including the Headstand and Shoulderstand, King and Queen of the Postures. This practice finishes with Deep Relaxation, breathing exercises, and concentration/meditation certain to bring a deep sense of calm, increased sense of balance, peace, and invigorated energy to all students.


The Yoga Bonding sequence encourages babies and their caregivers (parents, grandparents, nannies) to bond through loving touch, sight, sound, and movement. We include baby in the practice physically, mentally, and spiritually to build a strong bond of trust and security — the foundation of self-confidence for your little one. While incorporating your baby into the yoga sequence, you also receive a nurturing, strengthening practice designed specifically for your postnatal body and spirit.The class offers a chance for moms to connect with other new moms, too — essential during the postpartum period! This class is great for moms who are feeling fine at 6 weeks postpartum (if you birthed via Cesarean, wait another couple weeks to heal); check with your doctor or midwife. Babies can begin any time, and they tend to enjoy the class until they are crawling. All levels are welcome; yoga experience is optional; baby required (bring their gear, too ... blanket, lovey, paci, etc!).


In India, rivers are particularly auspicious and when two rivers cross the junction is a tirtha—a sacred place. Tantric tradition teaches that we are made of the flows of body, mind/heart, and speech. In this class we expand our horizons and take a mythic view of ourselves in order to create and recreate ourselves in every breath as our own sacred, flowing junction. We will weave post-tantric philosophy, breath work, asana, and various forms of meditation to celebrate our embodiment in time and space.


Make room to bloom into motherhood and prepare for the transformation of childbirth. Within every woman is the intuitive wisdom to create, nurture, and transform. This class will offer an empowering path rooted in divine feminine creative power that rises to birth and motherhood. This practice will embrace a sequence of postures, breathwork, and meditation that allows a mother in bloom to create a source of strength and confidence in the natural process of birth, nurture a supple body while it grows to accommodate the life within, and transform into motherhood by connecting to the growing spirit of the baby in bloom. The postures will prepare and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, hips and legs for childbirth, improve circulation that is shared with the baby, exercise the spine and increase overall comfort in pregnancy. The breathwork and meditation will cultivate a deeper awareness of breath and consciousness to embrace during labor, delivery, and beyond.


In one way, the quality of our lives can be measured by how well we manage stress and tension. This early morning transformative flowing class is designed to cleanse the body of tension and leave you feeling energized and alive; all without that morning 'cup of joe'.


One of Sanctuary’s signature favorites! Our version of a high powered lunch will restore, revitalize, and renew your body and spirit. The physical nature of the class heats the body from within giving you the opportunity to wring out the stresses of the morning grind. A strong class that will give you the fuel you need for the rest of your day.


Providing the same transformative benefits as our signature Sanctuary Vinyasa Flow class but with a slower pace. A foundational flowing practice that is challenging in it’s own way. A perfect class for beginners or anyone who wants to slow things down while continuing to grow in their practice.


Mild and meditative 45 minute slow flow class for all shapes and sizes, utilizing props and breathwork, and encouraging self acceptance and laughter. No experience preferred, all are welcome. Join us!


Yin Yoga uses long, passive holds to work on the deep, dense connective tissues of the body - the tendons, ligaments and cartilage - which are difficult to energize and open. This deep, passive practice settles you into poses for 3 -10 minutes, bringing you inward.

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